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Exoticism in your bathroom
We love its originality and the perfection of its grain.

+ Krone responds to the current trends with its crocodile design of SAVANE bathtub of impeccable quality.
+ Hyper original, this crocodile skin effect is sure to give character and style to your bathroom.
+ Surprising even when you touch : this imitation is close to the authentic ! The material effects, the relief effects are stunning.
+ The rendering is strikingly realistic at a very affordable price.
+ In addition to its unique design, Krone has created a spacious and elegant high comfort bathtub for enjoying an extremely relaxing bath.

SAVANE, a special beauty, a very good idea for all those who like to stand out on the decorative side.

Technical assets

+ This "double sheet" bathtub is composed of two acrylic sheets formed specifically and reinforced between them by a biscuit. This technology allows great flexibility in Design, while guaranteeing solidity and safety, as well as durability.
+ The sheets used are LUCITE brand sheets : of superior quality, LUCITE acrylic retains perfect white over time, and has excellent resistance to attack.
+ Before each shipment, 100% of our freestanding bathtubs are checked by technicians from our workshop, located in the north of France.

+ External size :170 x 87 x 63 cm
+ Intenal size : 114.5 x 42.5 x 46 cm
+ LUCITE double acrylic sheet
+ FSC horizontal wood reinforcement
+ 6 adjustable metal feet
+ Capacity 246 liters
+ Weight 60kgs
+ Water drain and overflow included and pre-installed

+ Before any deliveries, 100% of our freestanding bathtub are checked by the technicians of our workshop, placed in the north of France