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"KRONE" innovations"KRONE" innovations




+ Polished aluminum profile
+ 5mm and 6mm transparent glass
+ Anti-scale treatment for front panels
+ Extra flat silicon free acrylic shower tray to be embedded
+ Possibility to raise the shower tray with feet sets + skirt
+ Stainless steel soap holder to stick

2 type of back panels :
1) Two colors (black/white) with faucet + integrated nozzles + handshower + roof + headshower (not available for quadrant shower tray)
2) Super white back panels without roof + complete shower set with thermostatic + handshower + headshower 

Technical assets

+ Dimensions : 90 x 90 x 222 cm (212 cm if extra-flat shower tray)
+ Profiles thickness : 1.4mm + 9 special treatment baths
+ Inox 316
+ Soap holder for square shower tray / quadrant shower tray : 35cm width
+ Soap holder for rectangle shower tray : 48cm width  

+ Super white version :
Mixer height : 1.1 m
Mixer between axis : 150 mm
+ Two colors version :
Handshower height : 1.14 m
Handshower length : 24.5 cm
Mixer height : 1.1 m
Nozzles between axis : 0.445 m

Tempered glass, beveled and round angles to ensure security to the end-users.

Double reinforced shower tray. With 5 feet including one central foor for a complete stability.
Front access

Front access
Contact us. Several versions to customize are available for shower cabin Lexden.

Corner access

Corner access
Contact us. Several versions to customize are available for shower cabin Lexden.

Added value

Freedom to choose :

+ The shape of the cabin (square, quadrant, rectangle)
+ The type of opening (sliding door, pivot door)
+ With or without nozzles
+ With or without roof
+ Two colors or super white back panels
+ With mechanical or thermostatic mixer
+ With extra-flat or normal shower tray 

Product innovations

Nano Care

Nano Care

Made in Germany with 5 years warranty, our anti-lime treatment brings a long-term transparency to the KRONE shower enclosure. If normal use, the water and lime stains won’t remain on the glass surface : a minimal scraper use is enough, most of the residues disappear without any effort. The daily maintenance is fast, easy and ecological.
The superhydrophobic coating provides a robust defence against the build-up of limescale and soap scum
Nano-Care treatment does NOT include PFAO.
Super White

Super White

We transform the Premium glasses in our workshops with our own glass machines, with special care and permanent controls. The back panels KRONE are equipped with PURE WHITE technology, which offers an extra white color with long-lasting brightness.


With the adjustable products from KRONE brand, you have a total freedom to choose and personalize your products. You will find the expected combinations, as so many different versions exist.

Create your own shower cabins in 4 steps (42 possibilities)


Choose the shape of your shower tray :

100 x 80 cm
120 x 80 cm
120 x 90 cm
140 x 90 cm
90 x 90 cm
90 x 90 cm


Choose the height of your shower tray :

Raised shower tray


Select your type of opening :

Pivot door


Finalize your project by choosing your type of faucet :

Shower set