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"KRONE" innovations"KRONE" innovations




The immaculate shower space by KRONE 
We love its immaculate matte white color associated with modern style. 

+ Simple and bright geometrical shape, modernism 
+ Its industrial style is softened by its pure matte white color
+ Design perfectly balanced
+ 3D rendering thanks to its relief external profile


+ 3D effect
+ External matte white profile
+ 6mm transparent tempered glass
+ Geometrical design
+ NANOCARE treatment made in Germany
+ Easing cleaning with smooth glass surface inside

Technical datas

+ Matte white 120cm fixing arm easy to cut 
+ 20mm wall profile adjustment
+ Pre-installed pieces to have an easy installation
+ Reversible product
+ With anti-scale treatment

Product innovations

Super Integrated

Super Integrated

Thanks to a special connection, the assembly of KRONE products is easiest as possible. This technicity guarantees purity and elegance to KRONE products.
Anodized Force

Anodized Force

Thanks to electrolyte, anodizing provides an additional barrier against time. The durability depends on the type of treatment chosen, as well as the thickness of the protective layer.
The treatment used produces a decorative satin finish, a matte or glossy finish.