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Prodige 3 panels - Opaque glass
"KRONE" innovations"KRONE" innovations

Prodige 3 panels - Opaque glass



Have nice trip with your KRONE shower enclosure.
KRONE is proud to present the first shower panels to customize and assemble like puzzle pieces…as never seen before!

PRODIGE is a new shower panels collection. Innovated and nicely designed, its industrial style perfectly fit with a contemporary bathroom. 

+ Storage optimisation : a comptetitive asset. Product volume has been much reduced to save space.
+ Easy to install with transport cost reduction : thanks to its suitcase packaging dimension, easy to carry by one person, easy to put in your car trunk, easy to take in an elevator....
+ Freedom to chose your style ! One framed shower panel divided in 3 parts including a central part in opaque finish to ensure intimity but keep the light shining trhough.
+ Easy and fast installation : only one person needed to install the complete set, keep on efficient waterproofness and make the clleaning really easy.

Technical datas

+ Dimension : 100x200cm
+ Wall profile with15mm adjustment
+ Reversible product

Product innovations



With the adjustable products from KRONE brand, you have a total freedom to choose and personalize your products. You will find the expected combinations, as so many different versions exist.
Anodized Force

Anodized Force

Thanks to electrolyte, anodizing provides an additional barrier against time. The durability depends on the type of treatment chosen, as well as the thickness of the protective layer.
The treatment used produces a decorative satin finish, a matte or glossy finish.

Matte Black

Matte Black

Our unique matt black profile shower enclosure range does not only have a nice design, but also a high “velvet” quality finishing.
When you touch faucets or dhowers, it feels like touching a peach skin : it won’t be peeled neither affected over time.