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White Kreation
"KRONE" innovations"KRONE" innovations

White Kreation

Shower trays


+ High Fashion Solid Stone shower trays
+ Handmade by our craftsmen
+ In our European workshop
+ Old-fashioned surface colors

Added values

+ Unique pieces
+ Exceptional design
+ Corresponding Stainless Steel Grids available
+ Hole for 90mm water drainer

+ Available in several sizes:
   - 80x80, 90x90
   - 70x120, 70x140, 70x160
   - 80x120, 80x140, 80x160
   - 90x120, 90x140, 90x160


+ Solid stone full mass
+ Color surface coating
+ Thickness > 25mm
+ Cuttable
+ Color repair kit available

+ Weight varies according to size: from 30Kg (80x80) to 64Kg (90*160)

Product innovations



The art of matter & the emotion of Beauty.
The KRONE "crocodile leather" shower trays, perfectly imitated, are available from the most natural to the most Trendy colors. Each impresses and guarantees Design and contemporary setting.
Perfect manufacturing, pleasant touching, antibacterial : the Kreation shower tray, made in Europe, is the Must Have 2021. It transforms your bathroom into an elegant exotic place.